Your Questions Answered!

How many people does a CSA share feed?

A sample share

A share is perfect for a very veggie-loving couple that regularly cooks with fresh produce or a family of four that eats meat, dines out a few times a month, and mostly uses veggies for side dishes.  This is hard questions to answer because everyone is different.  Some very veggie focused couples gobble up their produce each week without any problem, while some 4 member households find it ideal for their omnivorous needs.  Vegans or juicers can easily consume a share themselves.

The shares fluctuate with the growing season.  They start out with 5-7 items, heavy on the greens and salad fixings, and grow in abundance as the season progresses, sometimes with 12 or so different items.  As the season moves along, the produce gets heavier from cukes and summer squash in July, to potatoes, tomatoes, and carrots in August, to onions, sweet potatoes, and root crops in the fall months.

IMG_1963Members receive a fair value for their investment.  CSA shares are priced with current farmers’ market prices for local, organic produce and are tracked to insure that the farm provides the proper amount of food over the course of the growing season.  Regardless of how many people eat it,  the Black Kettle CSA share is $500 worth of fresh, local and certified organic produce.

Typically, members receive 10% more in produce, the equivalent of $550 in veggies, highlighting the mutually beneficial relationship of the CSA.  Members support the farm in the off-season, the farm returns the wealth when the veggies are really flowing.

It is best to evaluate priorities regarding food, such as commitment and interest in eating locally and supplementing as little as possible (tomatoes in May just don’t happen in Maine), supporting the local economy (snacking on carrots from the CSA share rather then buying pretzels), and willingness to develop new cooking skills (chard quesadillas anyone?).

The food choices outside of the CSA determine how many folks the share feeds, however, the simple answer is a share feeds a veggie loving, food savvy couple or a omnivorous family of four.

Check out What to Expect and see sample harvest for the season

Can I get half a share?

IMG_0798Black Kettle Farm offers one set share of the seasons harvest at $500 for 19 weeks of produce.  However, members are more then welcome to “share a share” if it better fits their needs.  If folks plan to be away a lot during the season, or have a small household, they are more then welcome to buddy up and split the produce and the cost.  Please just indicate this on the registration form.

What happens if I am out of town for a pick up?


If you know that you are going to be away for a pick-up day, you are welcome to have  a friend come and grab your allotted produce.  Just explain to your veggie sub the pick-up time, location and procedure.

Or, if you cannot make a pick-up, but would like your produce held, you are welcome to come and retrieve it from the walk-in cooler at the farm.  The farm must be informed in advance and shares can be held until Friday of that week.

It is also perfectly okay to skip if for a week and the produce will be donated to the York County Shelter.  Please just let us know.

If members know they are going to miss a share, they need to contact Laura Neale, via email at blackkettlefarm@gmail.com or via cell phone at 415-309-6162 as soon as possible so arrangements can be made and confusion can be decreased.  We harvest, wash and prepare all of the produce with great care and we do not want it to go to waste.

What if I don’t like something?


Not in the mood for summer squash?  Getting overwhelmed by tomatoes?  Have a special recipe in mind that calls for lots of potatoes?  No problem, visit the trade table and swap out another item for something that better suits your needs.  One of the many beauties of CSA membership is experiencing new and different vegetables.

Try it all, even kohlrabi!  You may be very surprised about a new found favorite.  If you aren’t sure what something is or how to use it, just ask.  The Black Kettle crew is a great bunch of chefs and ONLY eats what the farm grows and have lots and lots of recipes ideas for absolutely every thing.

Do you anything else besides veggies?

Yes!  We collaborate with Mousam Valley Mushrooms in Springvale, Maine to offer an optional weekly mushroom share to go along with your fresh veggies.  The mushroom share is a half a pound of mushrooms each week for 15 weeks of the season.  Check out Mousam Valley Mushrooms!

We also offer optional Cheese and Yogurt Shares from Three Charm Farm in Alfred, Maine.  Once you sign up for a Black Kettle Farm CSA share, you will be sent an order form for the Add-Ons.