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We will not be offering the CSA in 2020.  

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Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA, is a unique, straight forward and mutually beneficial relationship between a farmer, a piece of land and consumers, highlighting the bounty of the local community. The concept takes the guessing game out of marketing for farmers, and allows the members of the farm to directly connect to their food source.  CSA also supports independent business, promotes healthful eating habits, raises awareness about small scale agriculture and land use and creates a strong bond and sense of camaraderie around the farm, the focal point of it all.

At Black Kettle, the CSA is the heart and the driving force of the farm. While feeding over 100 households during the growing season, the farm consciously constructs the weekly harvests to contain useful, delicious and diverse produce to nourish and inspire its members.



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The Black Kettle Farm CSA is 19 weeks of certified organic fresh produce starting mid June and running through October. The farm grows over 40 different vegetable  and herb crops and hundreds of varieties. Each harvest is different, reflecting the changes of the growing season in Maine. We eat tons of greens in the early season, we wait for tomatoes until July and we enjoy our hearty roots in the fall. Each share demonstrates what is in glorious abundance on the farm, along with the unpredictability of the weather, the hunger of the bugs and the fierceness of the weeds. CSA members become accustomed to the vibrant flavors of truly fresh produce and learn about the reality and challenges of growing food, versus what is constantly available in grocery stores.

IMG_0201At Black Kettle, CSA members are considered VIP’s of the farm family! An essential element of CSA is that members commit to the farm and pay in advance for their pending share of the farm’s harvest. The price of the 19 week share is $500, which members may pay in full or break up into a payment plan before the season begins. The farm honors this level of trust that is instilled upon it and in turn rewards each members with an additional 10%, for a total of $550 in produce over the course of the season. The mutually beneficial aspect of the CSA relationship is revealed!  The farm has a secured source of income and outlet for it’s produce and members  get their fair share and then some!

What does 19 weeks of vegetables really look like? Check out What to Expect and see sample harvests for the season.

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