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Colby College Alumni Magazine – Fall/Winter 2016

They Care What You Eat


Never had Laura Neale 99 even heard the term “sustainable agriculture.” Until her first year at Colby, that is, when the reading for an anthropology course included Frances Moore Lappé’s landmark book Food First: Beyond the Myth of Scarcity.


Portland Press Herald – June, 29, 2015

Maine women in agriculture give USDA official food for thought


Another farmer, Laura Neale, owner of Black Kettle Farm in Lyman, said marketing is her main challenge. While the good news is that the local food movement continues to gain momentum, that also creates more competition.

“Actually getting paid for this amazing food you’re producing is becoming a challenge,” she said.

Laura Neale

MOFGA Newsletter, Spring 2014

Laura Neale: Dug In at Black Kettle Farm


“The black kettle is all about abundance, keeping the home fires burning,” says owner Laura Neale. “It’s strong, it’s solid.”