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Check back in 2021 for opportunities on the Black Kettle Crew!  











Farm Crew Positions include – Monthly Stipend, On-Farm Housing, in rustic but charming accommodations and all the veggies you can eat. The monthly stipend ranges from $1200-$1400 and compensation is commensurate with experience, along with some staple foods, like rice and beans and spices.

Applicants for the Field Crew should have some sort of outdoor work experience, or experience working with food or plants where attention to detail is important.    

Strong applicants should be motivated problem-solvers, responsible and accountable, able to work well independently and in a groups and execute tasks with great attention to detail. These positions are a good fit for hard workers, who are organized and are able to learn quickly and ask questions to clarify a task. Communication, flexibility and an out going, community spirit are valued in the Black Kettle Farm crew. This is a hard working, positive, proactive environment.  This is a team oriented, inclusive, communicative work place and all crew members are expected to be mentally and physically present and invested in their work here.  Ideal Field Crew members are folks that are excited to learn-by-doing and want to immerse themselves in the farm and all that it has to offer for the season.

A season on the Black Kettle Field Crew will give ESSENTIAL HANDS-ON EXPERIENCE and knowledge of:

Greenhouse Seeding, Field Transplanting, Harvesting for CSA and Market, WEEDING!!!, Drip Irrigation, Fencing, interaction with customers at Market and with CSA members, fertility management, and over all exposure to the inner-workings of a small organic vegetable farm.

The WORK WEEK is Monday through Friday, 7:00 AM-5:00 PM, with earlier mornings on harvest days and longer days for CSA delivery.  Saturday greenhouse chores and farmers’ market tasks are shared amongst the crew on a rotational basis.  Everyone, always, has Sunday off.  We share 2 lunches together in the work week.

THE FIELD CREW ON-FARM HOUSING is located in the back meadow of the farm.  Options include a comfortable camper or a yurt.  Both are have kitchen set ups, double beds and eating spaces.  Also in the meadow, there is a very clean outhouse, a clothes line and a fire pit.  Both living spaces are off the grid and do not have electricity or plumbing.  There is a staff fridge in the barn for the crew and a variety of different water vessels for the meadow.  The crew has access to the shower in the farm house.

Applicants must:

Have a valid drivers license

Be able to lift 50 pounds consistently and be able to work on their feet for 10 hours a day.

Be ready to work in all sorts of weather conditions

Be able to commit to the entire season (May – Fall)


TO APPLY for a Field Crew position, please submit a farm focused resume, along with a letter explaining why you want to work at Black Kettle farm, what skills you feel you are brining to the crew and what skills you hope to gain. Sorry, no pets of any kind, or kids, please do not ask.

It is best to have your own car for the season to be able to explore and leave the farm on days off.

Contact Laura Neale to apply and for more information at –

The Assistant Manager Position runs  March – November 2019 and the Farm Crew Positions run May-September 2019, with the possibility of extending later into the fall.

The Assistant Manager position is a good fit for folks who have had 2 seasons of previous experience on vegetable farms and who view agriculture as a long term career choice.  A competitive, hourly wage is offered and is dependent upon experience.  Strong applicants should have some experience and confidence in : Greenhouse seeding, hand transplanting, field cultivation, drip irrigation, large volume harvesting, basic tractor skills, customer service – farmers market and CSA distribution.



Black Kettle strives to produce beautiful vegetables, give back to our soil, feed friends, share food and create a space rich with gratitude and appreciation for the abundance that the farm provides. For more information contact Laura at blackkettlefarm@gmail.com