community supported pork share



We’re taking a break!!!  Black Kettle Farm will not be raising pigs in 2019!!!  Check back in 2020!!!

Each season Black Kettle Farm raises a small herd of healthy, rambunctious, pasture munching, forest dwelling pigs.  Our pigs root through the soil, spend their nights under the stars, snooze in the shade, and run and romp in a wooded edge of the farm.

With an all natural diet high in organic vegetables , our pigs have always been free of any immunizations or chemical additives, producing high quality, delicious, and safe to eat meat.


Black Kettle Farm offers Pork Share Options under the principles of the CSA model.  Interested folks commit to the farm and place a deposit for their pork at the beginning of the season when the pigs arrive in June.  Meat is ready by November and members pay the balance of their share then.


Pork Share Options:

Half-a-Pig – $550

Members can expect approximately 70 pounds of meat with a variety of cuts, including pork chops, ground sausage, bacon, smoked ham, roasts, hocks and ribs.

Due to the amount of meat in this share, it will be necessary to have an additional freezer space.

Check out a typical Half-a-Pig Share.


Pork Sampler – $300

Members can expect approximately 35 pounds of meat in an assortments of cuts including pork chops, ground sausage, bacon, ham steaks and a roast.

If done properly and with few other frozen items, all of this meat can fit in a standard freezer.IMG_1616


We honor and make use of the whole animal.  All members have the option to get lard, fat back, and organs if they can be put to good use.


Pork shares go fast!

To reserve, contact : blackkettlefarm@gmail.com